1/1/13. Ends & Beginnings

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Ends & Beginnings

The vast majority of the years of my life has been about ends and beginnings, usually not occurring on a New Year but revolving around June and September, as I had always either been a student or on an academic schedule as a School Social Worker. I looked at summers as a time to relax, a time to rekindle my energy, a time to learn something new, a time to enjoy my parents as a kid and my kids when I was a mom, a time to experience adventures  but most importantly a time to reflect and plan.

I remember my first September of not returning to school.  There was a missing and an odd sadness but also a sense of calm and the recognition that the  cadence of my life had changed.  Now on Monday mornings, I did not schedule any work but stayed in my pajamas , had an extra cup of joe and watched a recorded Masterpiece Theatre.  I felt after a lifetime of rising early and hurrying I could move slow with no urgency.  This was a luxurious gift!  For the last six years I have been the master of my schedule.  Now my ends and beginnings revolve on a calendar year.


So this is the first day of 2013.  This is my day of reflection and planning and hoping!

On a personal level, yep….a little weight loss is in order and definitely purging of some of my stuff and continuing  on a great learning adventure.

For itispossible.org the goal is to continue to gather the amazing things folks do for social good and to become a better and better resource for those who wish to do good, to write more blogs and to encourage others to engage in the forum.  It is possible!

For the world, I continue to hope that out of chaos will come perspective and grace.

For my wardrobe, I’m buying myself a new pair of rosy colored glasses.  They do help!

Thanks  to all who have shown such wonderful support to me personally and to itispossible.org.




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