4/9/12. A Malapropism

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“I have buttered my bread and intend to sleep in it!”

I am the queen of malapropisms.  When my kids did something that warranted a consequence, I would say  “You buttered your bread, now sleep in it.”


Getting involved in social media has both brought excitement and intimidation, plus a lot of hours in front of a computer screen. I accidentally found that AOL has a big social causes site.  Little did I know it existed though I do have two aol email accounts.  I do not want itispossible.org to be redundant.  However, I also believe that creative efforts can be simultaneous and can compliment one another.  So by putting AOL Impact in our Directory of Possibilities we can help them get a bigger audience. I see our Resources section as becoming more and more important.  Resources could become a one stop shopping spot for so much information.  Our Directory will continue to list in categories the little guys, that often you don’t find quickly with a regular search unless you can stick it out to Google’s page ten.


Katelynns closetThis past week, via itispossible.org, several matches were made between need and resource.  It feels like asking folks to meet and greet by shaking hands online. Also each day we learn from a subscriber of another small-scale, phenomenal group.  A recent one is Kate Lynn’s Closet, This is a clothing distribution organization on Cape Cod  that via School and Commuchildren of Katmandunity personnel gives stylish, almost new clothing to kids in need.  It is a program that should be looked at and could easily be replicated in other communities.

Also this week, a scholarship site became known to us for struggling children in developing countries.  We introduced them to Children of Kathmandu as this organization needs  funds for children now going on to some type of post-secondary education. Go to their site. It’s a wonderful story and I can personally attest to how amazing these folks are.


Another young friend, Kat, graduating from college next month,  has formed The Deepak Foundation named in honor of a special Nepalise child in her life. The commitment of youth is very inspiring and unstoppable. Check out all the organizations listed today in our Directory of Possibilities.



I have buttered my bread and intend to sleep in it.

Remember it is possible,


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