Everyone deserves Hope and education

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Prison….what does that conjure up for you. The following links I feel will open your eyes to the potential of prison providing more than just punishment.


For eleven years, my husband Tom and I had the privilege of being part of Puppies Behind Bars.  We had our eyes opened to the reality of prison that includes real deprivation yet also unique opportunities to build one’s self up again.

What I want my words to do to you is a documentary about Eve Ensler’s now defunct writing program at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

This documentary is available thru PBS and is now also available thru Amazon.  Be warned, you will be touched!

Today there was an article in the New York Times entitled  Prison program turns prisoners into intellectuals. It is most definately a good read! 

I am posting this on an amazingly beautiful day.  I’m gardening, listening to the birds…just letting it all seep in but also reflecting that other souls are living a very different daily life than I am privileged to have.  They are paying a price for sonething bad they did and some are truly having their punishment also be an opportunity for growth.

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