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9/19/12: Making Introductions…Networking

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A Month of Introductions
It Is All About Networking

Our team felt that each of theses organizations could possibly partner with each other to their mutual benefit.

Camp AmeriKids >>>>>>>>>>…..<<<<<<<<<<  Rocking the Boat

Rocking the Boat  >>>>>>>>>>……<<<<<<<<<<  Do Something

Groundswell Mural Project >>>>>>>>>>……<<<<<<<<<<  Camp AmeriKids

Do Something   >>>>>>>>>>……<<<<<<<<<<  Camp AmeriKids

Casper Smith Art >>>>>>>>>>……>>>>>>>>>>  Groundswell Mural Project

There have been times when networking was just the way of the world.  Then it changed to almost being a bad word, indicating manipulation rather than sharing.  I am of the school of sharing.  When I hear of something good and you think it could help or be of interest to someone else, I go for it.  I send out a lot of FYI emails with information or pictures.  I try to open doors of opportunity for folks, with no strings ever attached.  I will open a door but never push someone through it.  Check out all the above organizations in our Directory of Possibilities.

Happy Networking… is possible


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