Old jeans … New life

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imageDoSomething.org designs cause campaigns that young folks can relate to.  What’s impressive is that they make being part of these campaigns so easy. They have partnered with H&M to receive old clothes that will then be recycled …assuming this is fabric recycling.
When I was young there was a song…”blue jeans …they never get dirty…the longer you wear them…the better they get…sometimes they long for the laundry…but something inside you says ..don’t wash them yet.”

Blue jeans have never lost their cache.  You wore them until they were threadbare and even then you mended them with interesting patches.  Blue jeans are now produced with holes and  the very distressed look.  DoSomething.org is doing a cool campaign with H&M of recycling clothes.  Just curious if any jeans will make it into the pile.


here’s the link for the DoSomething.org campaign.



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