Possible or Pissable . . . to be or not to be

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This is a repost of a previous post.  It is still relevant and expresses the mission of itispossible.

Thanks for reading,  Toni


Because we got hacked so many times, I asked that we take a vacation from the website…itispossible.org…giving me and it some breathing room. During this hiatus, it was enthralling once again to immerse myself in the other aspects of my life.  I worked and read, took an Ikibana course and went on a magical medical mystery tour but also  continued to highlight actions of social good on twitter @ToniOrg and on the itispossible.org Facebook page. This time  also allowed  an internal debate about itispossible.org….To Be Or Not To Be.

Often I mistakenly type Pissible instead of Possible..the I and O being next to each other on the keyboard. Perhaps this was a  sign from the typing freudian slip guy telling me maybe I have tried and the fates are against me.   Rather, I think it reminds me “To Be Possible or To Be Pissable, that is the question” and I had to figure out what I really wanted.

I thought and talked with others and remembered my personal whys for doing this… So it is decided…we continue! Thanks to all those who spurred me on!

So be prepared …itispossible.org will rise again shortly.  It will be simpler, more focused, less wordy, still graphically cool and full of information that YOU can contribute to in an easy way.  It will define itself as a Resource  and a Network… Not a community, not a forum ..not a business …but simply  me and all of you  sharing great information about social good that is easy to access and won’t go away.   There’s a stimulating and confusing world out there in all arenas….doing social good too. But we’ll have fun!


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