3/21/12: A Fantastic Ride

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Yes, Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas any longer!

Itispossible.org has launched, but with each day it evolves. This is my project to do good and help others to do good — calling it my passion at times. I have learned that initially shorter blogs are better, and know I need to write more often. I have also learned that I have to be careful not to type “n” instead of hitting the space bar on my iPad. I am reminding myself that having patience and resilience are crucial and also accepting that learning new skills, that I had not even known existed, is a daily task.

I have to hit the refresh button every day.

I now understand the layers of infrastructure of an interactive website. I do not manage those layers, but at least recognize they exist now and can ask the right questions. I understand that I had a pretty defined concept of what I wanted this site to do, but that the details of how to accomplish this morphs and evolves and that asking for and receiving friend’s comments is a wonderful part of the process.

I am on a roller coaster . . . very excited, but have a little motion sickness too!

Believing It Is Possible……….Toni

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