“The sky is falling” says Chicken Little

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I took a long break from writing for Toni’s blog..  Lots of very nice things occurred which took my energy; like one son getting married at our homestead…an amazing event.    I now know how to make 40 pounds each of corn salad, pasta salad and potato salad and other kinds of delicious foods. My empathy for chefs and caterers has risen ten fold. The other son bought his first home.  It was both exciting and nerve racking for he and his gal!   And lastly my husband retired from his firm and ventured into being a freelance architect.  He always said he wanted to do everything he did but in different proportions. I can attest to the wonder of being able to self-schedule.


And then there was the election……

What the Cold War brought in my opinion , beside fear, were great spy novels.

What this election brought beside the fear and anguish for some  and joy for others have been articles that reflect the realities of our society. This country is changing and our soul is as splintered as it was in the Vietnam war era. My cousin and I have started an email dialogue to understand each othe as we disagreed on the election. We have no intention of trying to change each other’s minds, but to dialogue with respect and love .

With Thanksgiving fast approaching,  it provides a unique opportunity to come together with family and friends and to celebrate what holds us together, not to dwell on what has pulled us apart.  Research shows that reflecting with gratitude daily helps form a happier person.  So go for it…

And Happy Thankgiving to all!  ( Notice there is a turkey in the attached picture)

I am linking several writings that have been interesting to me and that made me truly think:

here is the full text of Michelle Obama’s commencement address at New York City College

Here is an article that deals with our cultural identity…the end of liberalism identity

and  of course the beautiful writing of David Brooks on our culture.

And the latest David Brooks who advises a little listening….I’m trying!

And the the sky is not falling in Chilcken Little.though “winter is coming”.