2/1/12: What We Are About

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Only four years ago, there were 1.5 million non-profits reported and of these 950,000 were 501(c)(3) public charities. Now add to that all the for-profit companies and small businesses that do good. For example, they might be doing good by running a cook out for a local camp or setting up a foundation or granting their employees paid time to volunteer. Add to that all the amazing individuals or families or groups of friends who are doing small good works just on their own initiative. It is over-whelming and awe inspiring! It also proves that anything is possible. However, it also shows that finding the information you want may be daunting, and finding someone who can help or give answers may seem impossible. Itispossible.org is founded on the principle that there are many out there who are very willing to share their knowledge and ideas about benefiting others.

Each day in conversation or by reading, I learn about at least 10 good works that are new to me. Magazines highlight local do good heroes. Groups and social networks run contests that focus on voting for a favorite not-for-profit and then awarding funds. People sitting at a coffee shop or at a dinner table share wonderful ideas and tell great stories about someone who did something small and wonderful to help another. When you’re looking and listening it is amazing to see that so much is being done. Add to that all of the movies, documentaries, books, art and articles that promote social conscience.

Connecting people and ideas has always been part of my work no matter what setting or population I worked within. What I recognized as this site took life is that my own personal passions are just too vast to devote myself to just one arena. I also learned that it is mesmerizing learning about all the ways people do good. Making itispossible.org happen is now my passion. I believe in the possibility that this site will help others to pursue their dream of doing good.

This site will include the big names and the other mammoth data bases that exist, but it is the little names and the unheard of acts that we will concentrate on. What will also make itispossible.org different and special is our community of Subscribers/Users. These folks will be our lifeline to information. Those who access the site, need only give us their email address so they may receive information. Users will give more information that is kept private and as our forum develops they will be allowed to contribute their comments .Someone who accesses the site can “Ask A Question — Is it possible?” and those questions will be sent to our “Subscribers/Users.” If the Subscribers/Users don’t know an answer, they might just be able to send someone in the right direction. Subscribers/Users also will be able to contribute by adding to our data-base of ideas and projects. They need only send us an email with the information. The beauty is that one does not have to be an expert to be a Subscriber/User. The only requirement is a genuine interest to assist others who wish to do good

The goal of itispossible.org is truly simple. It is web community that will house an ever expanding resource database, containing great ideas, terrific stories, organizations that do good and book and film recommendations. It will link into Facebook as another vehicle of communication. The itispossible.org community  will also grow as others feel that becoming part of itispossible.org will be one more way for them to do good.

Enjoy and Make It Possible!
Toni Nagel-Smith, Founder

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