What we do:
This site represents a collection of thoughts, inspirations, articles and links – all surrounding the concept of social good.

Founder’s Thoughts

Toni Nagel-Smith

My name is Toni Nagel-Smith. As a young Social Worker,  I arrived in New York City in the late sixties. I was given my best gift—a very special book—the red book.  Within those remarkable pages one could find every group whose goal was to provide a service to the people of the city.  It gave a brief description and then all the contact information. It worked . . . you then got on the phone and got answers  or guidance on where to go next. In those days I truly felt I could go to the source whether it be a big or a little guy. I did not always  get the answers I wanted but knew I had a fighting chance. I was in a big city, but because of the red book sometimes it felt like a small town.

My dream is that itispossible.org function as a very personal  site . . . feel like a small town. I especially want a place where the little guy  and the little group get showcased thru Toni’s Blog and the other posts.  I want a site where the aspiring do-gooder has a place to ask a question.  I want folks to recommend books and articles and blogs and websites  to inspire others to action.  I had a dream for myself of recapturing a pre-cyber style of helping and communicating; yet using all the technological tools available now. I want itispossible.org to be simple , easy to use and feel personal.

You may contact me directly at toni@itispossible.org.

Friends,  Consultants and Volunteers

ChrissyBioThank you to Chrissy Heckart, my number one supportive friend and volunteer for her invaluable enthusiasm and guidance.

Kudos to Ann Zipkin,  for her patience and creative talents (ann-design.com) and Brad Olsen for his web expertise and encouragement since the initial idea percolated. Thanks to Heather Huffnagle for her lessons in engaging via social media. And thanks to Jane Hetherington for her work when this project first started and to Mike Kranz for his investigatory skills when things went wrong in the middle phase.

Thanks also to the micro volunteers of sparked.com.  Their insights have been very helpful.


itispossible.org is totally funded by the Founder. Founder funded has a ring to it, don’t you think?

Our Logo

Casper Smith art

Our logo is based on a wire sculpture by the artist, Casper Smith, of CasperSmithArt.com. It represents the state of chaos that is often felt when you start something new and are overwhelmed and confused. With time and information, the chaos starts untangling and the beginning and the end points become clear.

We welcome comments and questions.  We encourage folks to volunteer as guest bloggers.

There is so much good being done out there.  Though we follow the news and access many sources of information, we need recommendations of people and organizations that are doing good work.  An article or book or film that you would recommend will be shared on the site.