Philanthropy and Giving

In GOOD reads by Toni Nagel-Smith

In the Do Your Homework Post, I actually ran out of allotted word space.  Surprise to me!

Putting some good reads in a separate post is probably a good idea anyway.

Tracy Gray is a philanthropist who has designed and written a step by step guide.  Her website also contains tremendous information for your philanthropic journey.  Even if your funds are meager, there is tremendous power in her steps to choosing where you want to donate.


Peter Singer, a philosophy professor at Princeton,  focuses his book The Most Good You Can Do , on the impact of giving.  He highlights folks who have structured their lives and their incomes in unique ways and giving to organizations where they feel the most good will be done with their money.

All the books and courses that I have pursued make a very firm point:  give where your money does the most good.  Philanthropy is a job. It would s also a way of life.  But remember small gifts that are meaningful to you are , at least in my thinking, just as important as the big ones.  Part of giving is what it gives back  to the giver.  It should be a process that reflects back to your own motivations for giving  in any form.

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