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A thoughtful tale of how plastic enters our foods:

More about plastic’s relationship with food:

Seeing is believing…this documentary available on Netflix educates and disturbs … How did we let this happen … In the Pacific an island of plastic the size of Texas:

Use compost not just for gardens but also building things that used to use plastic….cool:

Thank you Overstock for this definition of Eco-friendly

 “The green tree logo identifies products that are earth friendly based on one or more of the following:

More than 50% of the product is made with recycled or post consumer materials.
More than 50% of the product is biodegradable.
Ingredients or raw materials are 100% natural and come from sustainable, renewable sources.
The products purpose or use conserves energy, water, waste or reduces environmental impacts. (Examples: Energy Star, low flow adaptors, solar lighting, composter)
The product is certified and approved by a third party organization that recognizes the product as environmentally safe and supports sustainable business practices.”



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