Procrastination and being sick … A great partnership

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This summer I was sick a bit but all better now.  In my delirium I thought about several posts but then when well  put off writing them.

I can be the queen of procrastination .  I need deadlines and unfortunately since I am the boss of it is up to only me to set them.  Alas I did not.  But now after getting lots of other little things done ! I finally set a deadline and chose a course of action.

During my  deliriums and then my moments of thinking to avoid doing,  I gravitated to all that is going wrong in the world.  I proclaimed ,”the world is broken”!   I saw the Hatfields and the Mccoys being played out over and over just under different tribal names.  I wondered who inspired Shakespeare’s houses of Capulet and Montegue  where hatred and distrust of each other brought about such tragedy.  I personally have never felt real hatred that overcomes one with an irrational energy.  So in my procrastination I have been trying to learn about the basis of these hatreds in not only our country but in the cultures that make up other lands. So that is one of my courses of action.

But and this is a big but, I also needed to search for good news.  So in the next week, I will use the Highlights section to showcase venues that provide good news…things that lift up our spirits rather than diminish them.  There is a real reason that the puppy craze and kitten passion exists on FB and other social media.  And when you combine either with a baby it is an instant hit.  We need  to smile.  We need to laugh .  We need to get out of the morass of fear and sadness that surrounds us.  Even in the most horrible wars going on, a random photographer captures the hope in a child’s smile.  So if that child can smile and look for a moment if joy, so can we all.

imageMy family is raising five chicks, all different breeds and they get along very well and bring smiles and laughter whenever I sit down with them…so my pictures are to share them with you.  Hope they bring a smile !


Ps: chickens are not super smart but ours seem to know how to coexist.


  1. Meg Reilly

    Toni, First, so glad you’re feeling better. Second, the website is gorgeous!! All your imagination and hard work have come together in an outstanding piece. Thanks for being such an inspiration and model to me. I’ll have to come visit the chickens. Love, Meg

  2. Judie

    Yet another new connection…enjoyed your reflections (are you certain you were not on the ‘Quill’ staff?).
    You inspire me to return to my sporadic, at best, journaling.
    And the journey continues……..judie

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