So embarrased

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My last post was two years ago. My personal journey morphed into a political nightmare, like watching a horror reality tv show. I did not want to write about politics as a post. So I sought out social media with a vengeance and now I am actually backing away from that, though I will continue to do posts on environmental issues onto my FB page There are actually a few bits of good news out there.

So now to get back to writing for the website. First I need a refresher course on all the features on word press.  It is so easy to forget things like this, at least for me. Next I need to figure out a focus… definitely not politics.  Environmental issues and other ways to contribute to social good still seems to rise to the top of my interest heap.

Venturing into a little storytelling also might be fun to do and hopefully to read.

So why the lovely picture of our new girl, Buster.  Because we all need adorable happy things in our lives and she has provided and inordinate amount of both!