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some thoughts on war

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I was raised by a World War II veteran. As a child and young woman, the heroic movies about this war captured my imagination.  I was informed about the horror of a society gone awry; when leadership kills its own. I was informed also by my parents and their friends about the aftermath of war on the soldiers and those left behind from all sides, especially the children.

As I aged, understanding the politics behind going to war started percolating into my consciousness, though truly understanding all the facets still eludes me. What I also began to understand were the cultural aspects of wars and modern day holocausts. As much as I try to learn and understand, the effects of war frighten me and sadden me terribly.

In our Highlights section this month we will be doing a series of posts that feature videos, pictures and books and articles that focus on the effects of war. These will not be happy posts but hopefully very informative ones. What is most important is that there are many good individuals and organizations who document and serve those affected hy war.

“Not to promote war but to preserve peace.”Elihu Root, Secretary of War, 1899-1909


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